Desktop speakers with character


Philips PC-speaker range design (2008/2009)

Desktop speaker models SPA2201/ 2210/ 3210/ 7210: The objectives behind the design of this 2.0 channel speaker range, were strong visual differentiation from competition and explicit visual sound expression. Except the entry-level model all speaker sets were designed with an integrated cable-management solution that keeps the desk tidy and uncluttered.

Philips Multimedia desktop speakers SPA4320/ SPA2380 (2011/2012):

Desktop 2.1 channel loudspeaker for different performance levels and price-points. Both sub- woofer and satellite speakers were designed to visually express high audio quality but also to blend in with the home interior.



Philips Multimedia-desktop speakers SPA7360/ 4310/ 2360 2009/2010.



Images courtesy of Gibson Innovation / Royal Philips.