Carry & protect


Softgoods design for notebooks - Philips SLE3000 and SLE500 series (2009/2010)

A notebook sleeve with an attractive and innovative appearance, which can be used as a portable desktop for on-the-go computing. The patented HeatProtect construction, based on formed EVA hard foam with an aluminum foil underneath, protects the notebook as well as the user’s lap from overheating. The design showcases this technology through a window revealing the aluminum foil that becomes a unique visual focal point. Rubberized surface details prevent the notebook from sliding and visually hint the lap-desk use case.



The notebook hard case SLE5000 doubles as a desktop when on-the go. Its tapered body shape and rigid surface let the user place the notebook safely on the lap and assume a more upright posture preventing neck strain. While maintaining a slim overall appearance the tapered body creates enough space for all necessary accessories. The distinct form factor, detailing and combination of materials make the product stand out from conventional notebook bags.




Images courtesy of Gibson Innovation / Royal Philips.