Meaningful innovation for the mouse


Philips SPM7800 and SPM6910 (2010)

Two exemplary models of the Philips range of input devices. The SPM7800 is a wireless mouse equipped with an additional control feature: Instead of a scroll wheel this device uses a 360° touch control sensor for easy and comfortable scrolling in all directions. When no desktop surface is available, the touch sensor can be switched to mouse pointer motion control. An inviting and clean form language sets the product apart from predominantly aggressive-looking competitor products.



The SPM6910 is an entry-level wireless mouse specially designed for the needs of notebook users. The product can vary its height in order to suit the user‘s ergonomic preference, but also to make it slim - so it easily fits inside any bag or sleeve. Following the entire line-up of Philips control devices the body is pebble-shaped, ergonomically optimized and visually uncluttered. Soft touch coating adds to a user experience that‘s centered around comfort and ease of use.




Images courtesy of Gibson Innovation / Royal Philips.