Premium home communication


Smart home phones: Philips S9 and S10 (2011/2012)

This pair of cordless phones was designed as Philips entry into the premium phone market segment and brings mobile phone and  smart phone technology to the landline. Both products are equipped with a Bluetooth interface that links the devices with up two cellphones for synchronizing contacts and picking up mobile network calls.


A sleek and minimal form language was chosen for the S10 model. The design pronounces the large touch display framed with an aluminum front housing which is detailed with polished and brushed surfaces.


Designed in the same mindset as the touch display model, the S9 leverages the compactness of mobile phones. Despite the small handset form factor, the keypad and navigation elements are laid out, shaped and detailed in a way which enables precise and comfortable usage. The use of aluminum for the front housing and a very controlled form language make the product stand out as a premium cordless phone.



Images courtesy of Gibson Innovation / Royal Philips.