Crafted minimalism


The Philips M9 MONOLITH home phone (2015/2016)

In the process of establishing yet another iconic design for Philips' premium-level home phone segment, the idea of reducing the product to a pure monolithic block was born. Despite seemingly contradicting common assumptions of ergonomic design in that category, the product delivers fantastic comfort in all areas of practical use. Aesthetically the device stands out with an elegant and precious look & feel, derived from high attention to detailing and a die-cast metal frame with hairline brush finish and polished chamfer edges.



A functional highlight is the introduction of touch control feature: While the base unit displays either caller-ID or phone number, an incoming call can be answered by simply touching the product. Likewise the alarm snooze function can be activated.


With the launch of the bold and functionally advanced MONOLITH in spring 2017, Philips accomplished, once more to underline their lead in the market of design home phones.




Images courtesy of Gibson Innovation / Royal Philips.