Design and strategy


We are a Berlin-based design studio creating iconic, innovative, brand-building products and experiences.


Passion for the craft


We share a strong motivation and curiosity to explore and create design solutions, with high demands on quality at the center of attention: from overarching concept, a holistic user experience, down to fully considered product solutions and refined detailing.




Meaningful innovation


We believe in fresh, clever and unique ideas as the key starting point of successful product development. Striving to distill relevant impactful functional or emotional concepts and qualities,  user insights stand at the center of our work.



Design for business success


Strengthening a brand, gaining market share or creating a new category from scratch - with many

years of international experience - we bring analytical and strategic competence and informed intuition for design creation with actual business impact.


Holger Höhn

Holger has an extensive international experience in the field of product development. Born in Berlin, he studied in Germany and the US and holds a German Diploma of Product Design.

His professional career includes ten years category lead design positions at Philips Design and Gibson Innovation in Taipei and Hong Kong. In these roles he created vision and strategy, steering innovation and product development for large product portfolios for the Philips brand.

Holger is the recipient of numerous design awards including Red Dot Award (4x), IF Design (9x), Good Industrial Design, G-Mark, Plus X Award and Prix de l’innovation du MedPi.



Li-Ching Lu

Li-Ching's original professional background lies in the field of design for commercial and film productions. For over 15 years, as an independent director and art director based in Taipei, she served major international clients such as Ikea, Proctor & Gamble, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Honda and Toshiba. Art direction roles for movie productions include; Good Men, Good Women (1995) and Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003).

Li-Ching, born in Taiwan, studied commercial- and stage design in Taiwan and London and has been a guest lecturer at the Taiwan Film and Cultural Association. Li-Ching complements the team with deep cultural awareness and communication skills for the Greater Chinese market.